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Royal Riviera™ Pear Crisp (7" Oval)

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Juicy RoyalRoyal Riviera™ are spiced with cinnamon and covered in our oatmeal and brown sugar streusel to make a better than classic crisp.

Royal Riviera™ Pears are delicate and require a very specific climate in which to grow, which makes the warm days and cool nights of Southern Oregon ideal for cultivating this famous fruit. The sweet flavor, buttery texture, and extreme juiciness of these pears are what make them so delicious.

All of our pies are made and shipped in a custom made reusable deep dish pie pan.

**This product is shipped frozen on dry ice. Please allow time for the product to thaw overnight in your refrigerator before serving.**

Harry & David and Royal Riviera are trademarks of and used under license from Harry and David, LLC.

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